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At Northern Food Equipment we take fire protection seriously. It is imperative to the success of your business and the well being of your employees.


Vent hoods are a crucial part of your commercial kitchen. It is important to match the right commercial kitchen ventilation system to the equipment you use. A properly designed restaurant exhaust hood keeps your business running safely and efficiently. Vent hoods, exhaust fans and return air fans used in restaurants are different than those used in domestic kitchens due to the excess heat, vapor and air emitted in commercial kitchens. Our years of experience in understanding these requirements combine so that we can help you choose a commercial kitchen ventilation system suited to optimize your kitchen. At NFE we supply, design, custom build and install stainless steel canopies and exhaust hoods. No matter the requirements in your restaurant NFE comes up with the best ventilation solutions to suit your needs.

Fire Protection

Safety codes relating to commercial kitchens change regularly. With the introduction of high efficiency appliances and vegetable cooking oils, kitchen fires are now both more common and harder to extinguish.

Northern Food Equipment provides the best solutions in commercial kitchen fire suppression systems, specializing in fire detection, suppression system installations and servicing.

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